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Dispatch Pro automatically assigns technicians to jobs in a way that is intended to maximize profit

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The future of dispatching is here

ServiceTitan’s proprietary algorithm maximizes profitability by getting the right tech to the right job to maximize revenue while decreasing drive time.

Empowering Dispatchers & Technicians

Maximize Profitability

Get the right technician to the right job to maximize profitability per day with Dispatch Pro’s proprietary algorithm that factors in recent sales performance, probability of generating a lead, technician skills, drive time, and more.

Maximize Profitability

Increase Dispatcher Efficiency

Better Customer Experience

Customize To Your Needs

Zero Onboarding

Advanced Onboarding


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Pantheon Offer

Until 09/30/2023

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For any size business that wants to automate their dispatch workflow to maximize profit and give time back to Dispatchers to focus on technicians and customer experience.

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ServiceTitan's proprietary algorithm that calculates the best technician for each job to maximize profit

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Automatically assign technicians to drive efficiency in the office so you can focus more time on technicians and customers

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Advanced Settings to make personalized tweaks for your business to prioritize job types, routing, technicians settings, and more


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How does Dispatch Pro decide which technician to assign?

Can I still manually assign jobs even if Dispatch Pro assigned a technician?

Does Dispatch Pro only work if you’re “dispatching for dollars?”

How long does self-onboarding take?

Will Dispatch Pro replace Dispatchers?

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